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B, Editor-in-Chief

I am humbled and delighted to embark on this new chapter of my life as the Editor-in-Chief of Daytona Sexual Health Wellness. I’ve been asked to introduce myself -which is not easy for me, but I’m going to give it a try.

image of laptop icon with text editor in chief of daytona sexual health wellness
image of laptop icon with text editor in chief of daytona sexual health wellness

My life journey has been intertwined with nature’s gentle embrace. As I communed with the serenity of the swamp and the vastness of the sea, I discovered profound wisdom and an abiding connection to the natural world. This deep appreciation for nature informs my understanding of human sexuality, recognizing it as a sacred and beautiful expression of our beings.

In addition to being a fierce advocate for freedom of speech and self-expression, I can be found conjuring life from humble ingredients – Guided by ancient wisdom and modern understanding, I have lived, experienced and studied the intricacies of the human body, mind, and spirit, delving into the profound impact that sexuality has on our overall well-being.

As a mother and a grandmother, I have witnessed the transformative power of nurturing relationships, fostering love, and embracing our authentic selves. I cherish the opportunity to pass on this wisdom to future generations, encouraging open and honest conversations about sexual health, consent, pleasure, and self-discovery.

In my role as a community vanguard, I have tirelessly worked to create safe spaces where individuals can explore their desires, dismantle stigmas, and find solace in their journey towards sexual well-being. With compassion and empathy, I have listened to countless stories, offering guidance and support, cherishing the sacred trust bestowed upon me.

Beyond the realm of sexuality, I am a steward of the land, tending to a precious plot that holds the promise of growth and transformation. It is within the harmonious embrace of nature and the nurturing of my “life studio” that I find solace, inspiration, and a wellspring of creativity to infuse into the pages of this website.

As your Editor-in-Chief, I commit to curating a safe, inclusive, and enlightening platform that celebrates the full spectrum of human sexuality. Together, we shall explore the depths of our desires, demystify taboos, and nurture an environment where freedom of speech and self-expression flourishes.

Join me on this journey of self-discovery, where we shall navigate the complexities of sexual health wellness with grace, compassion, and unwavering respect.

Together, we will unlock the doors to a world of pleasure, knowledge, and empowerment.

With deep gratitude and joy,


Courtney, Publishing Manager

My passion lies in empowering individuals, promoting self-worth, fostering body positivity, encouraging healthy boundaries, and advocating for oneself.

image of woman taking a picture
image of woman taking a picture

Hi! I’m Courtney C., the Publishing Manager at Daytona Sexual Health Wellness.

I believe that each person is extraordinary, and our purpose on this planet revolves around the thrilling journey of self-discovery.

By joining forces and sharing collective experiences, we will curate captivating content and create a safe haven where your value is cherished, and your wisdom is celebrated.

Let me give you a glimpse into my background:

🌟 Over 15 years of experience as a self-employed creative content creator

🌟 Successfully ran a dynamic wingwoman/man & date coaching business

🌟 Business Design Strategist collaborating with non-profit agencies and small business owners to devise unique and innovative solutions, including planning digital campaigns and hosting tailor-made events and workshops

🌟 Podcaster since 2006, amplifying voices and spreading knowledge

🌟 Proficient in online and offline community building, engaging diverse audiences

🌟 Seasoned customer retention specialist/contractor for small business owners and not-for-profit organizations

🌟 Avid solo traveler, embracing the digital nomad lifestyle (before it became a trend) and having lived in 8 different states

🌟 Founder of a supportive peer-to-peer group for women

🌟 Craft enthusiast skilled in creating shoes, wood pipes, altars, and various other unique items

🌟 Retired at the age of 42, embracing a life of freedom and fulfillment

Step into the world of Daytona Sexual Health Wellness—an extraordinary realm where empowerment, knowledge, and a vibrant existence brimming with infinite possibilities await you.

With warm regards,

Courtney C.